Saliergeotechnical Limited

Provider of Technical Services

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It is believed that the documents contained within this website will be of major benefit to Engineers and Technicians working studying for or working within the a Civil Engineering Environment.

Our Mission

Initial access is given to a number of typical forms that are used within a Material Testing Laboratory Environment with members access being given to various levels of complexity.

Tier One

Access will enable plain forms to be viewed as either HTML or PDF files and then downloaded and/or printed.

Tier Two

Access will enable a member to view forms in an interactive mode and carry out a set of calculation associated with a specific type of input stream or test method. Though printouts can be made of the data recorded the forms are ephemeral and no data is stored

Access will also be given to the procedures and documentation associated with a process.

Tier Three   

This set of document available within this section are fully interactive and are with the data being stored for future recovery and analysis

Company Profile

The web site has been built and is maintained by T.H.Stephens BA.

Many years experience within the Civil Engineering industry with emphasis on materials testing and remediation of contaminated land.

The company has worked for and with many sections of the industry including major contractors and local authorities.

Programs have been written and supplied to a varied section of the civil engineering and associated industries including:-


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