Laboratory Test Sheet
TEN PERCENT FINES VALUE: BS 812 Section 111: 1990

This Standard has being partially replaced by the following British Standard

BS EN 1097-2 2010
Tests for Mechanical and Physical Properties of Aggregates
Method of determination of Resistance to Fragmentation

Client Lab Ref.
Client Ref. Job No.
Supplier Source
Location Date
Material Type Date Format
Material Name Specification
  Agg Type
Sample Susceptible to Crushing : Yes / No*
 Fraction used for Test Passing:(mm) Retained:(mm)
Sieve Wt. of Test Portion : (g) Inc. : (g)
Total Penetration of Plunger in 10 min 30 s for Determination 1 from 7.1.2  
10% Test Method
Basket No: Soaking Date & Time Temp During Soaking (c)
In Out Maximum Minimum
  Test No Test No Test No Test No
1 2 3 4
Max. Force (f) (Kn)
Real Time in Oven*
Real Time Out of Oven*
Tray No.
Tray Wt. (g)
Tray+SpecimenWt.(g) 5
Specimen Wt. (M1) (g)
Wt. of Fraction passing
** mm Test Sieve (M2) (g)
Wt. of Fraction retained
** mm Test Sieve (M3) (g)
M2 + M3 (g) 3
Percentage Fines
M = (M2 x 100)/M1 (to 0.1%)
Force F = 14f/(M + 4) (to 1kn)
  Operator Checked Approved