Laboratory Test Sheet
AGGREGATE IMPACT VALUE: BS 812 Section 111: 1990

This Standard has being partially replaced by the following British Standard


BS EN 1097-2 2010

Tests for Mechanical and Physical Properties of Aggregates

Method of Determination of Resistance to Fragmentation

Client   Lab.Ref
Client Ref.    Job No.
Supplier   Source
Location   Date
Material Type   Date Format
Material Name    Spec

Method 2 Soaked

Test No Test No Test No Test No
1 2 3 4
Mass of Tray
Mass of Tray + Sample
Mass of Tray + Residue
Mass of Sample for Test
Time in Water
Time out of Water
Number of Blows (5 -15) (n)
Tray No
Time in Oven
Time out of Oven
Mass of Tray + Dry Sample
Mass of Dry Sample (M)
Mean Retained on 2.36 sieve (M1)
Mean Passing the 2.36 sieve (M2)
M1 - M2
% Fine (m) = (M1/M2) * 100
Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) = 15 * m/n
 1.     If M1 - (M2 + M3) > 1g then discard and retest
 2.     If  % Fines (m) <5 or > 20 then retest with either more or less blows.
  Operator Checked Approved