BS 1097- 6: 2000
Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates –
Part 6: Determination of particle density and water absorption

Scheme Lab Ref
Client Ref. Job Ref
Supplier    Source
Location Date
Material Type Date Format
Material Name Specification
  Aggregate Type

RD Test Method
Test Data Test 1 Test 2
Water Temperature at the Start of the Test (deg C)
Tray No.
Jar No.
Date/Time in Soak
Date/Time Removed from Soak (24 hr +/- 1/2 hr)
Max/Min Temperature during Soaking (20 +/- 5 deg C)
Test Water temperature (deg C) 
Weight of Jar + Water + Sample (B) (g)  
Weight of Jar + Water (C) (g)
B - C (g)
Test water Temperature (deg C) (Max Change 2 deg C)
Weight of Sample SSD condition (A) (g)
Date/Time in Oven (100 to 110 deg C)
Date/Time out Oven (24 +/- 1/2 hr)
Tin No
Tin Weight (g)
Tin + Oven Dry Sample (g)
Weight of Sample Oven Dry Condition (D) (g)
Relative Density Test 1 Test 2 Averages
  To Nearest 0.1%
Oven Dried = D / A - (B - C) 
SSD = A / A - (B - C) 
Apparent  = D / D - (B - C)
Water Absorption   To Nearest 0.1%
Percentage =  100(A - D) / D
Tested By Date Checked By