Laboratory Test Sheet
Particle Density (Pycnometer)
BS 812: Part 2 : Test 5.5
Location Job Ref:
BH/Pit No.
Soil Group Sample No.
Sample Depth m
Soil Type Date
Date Format

SG Test Method
  Test  1 Test  2
Wt of Saturated Surface Dry Sample (SSD) A(g)  
Wt of Pyconmeter sample and water B(g)
Wt og Pycnometer and water only C(g)
Wt of Oven Dry Sample D(g)
Sample Immersion(24+/- /2 hr) Date in 1
Time in 2 Temp 1 4 5
Time Out 3 Temp 2  5 7
Immersion in Pycnometer  
Time in 8 Temp 1  9 10
  Temp 2  11 12
Relative Density (Oven Dried ) D  
Relative Density (SSD) A
Relative Density (Apparent) D
Water Absorption(% Dry Mass) 100*(A-D)
Oven Drying (24 +/- 1/2 hr) Time in 13
Time Out 14
  N.B Ensure pycnometers are numbered before use and thoroughly dried on the  
  outside before weighing  
  Notes:- 1 Report relative density to 0.01  
  2 Report Water Absorption to 0.1%  
  3 State whether sample has been oven fried before test : YES/NO  
Checked by Senior Technician