BS 1377 Part 2 1990          
Density by immersion in water
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 2:  1990: 8.3/8.4 Date
Method of preparation                
 Small/large pyknometer                
Specimen refernce    
Mass of bottle,soil and water (m3) g 
Mass of bottle and soil (m2)   g 
Mass of bottle full of water (m4) g 
Mass of bottle (m1)   g
Mass of soil (m2-m1)   g 
Mass of water in full bottle (m4-m1) g
Mass of water used (m3-m2)   g
Volume of soil particles (m4-m1)-(m3-m2) mL
Particle Density     
ps = (m2-m1)/(m4-m1)-(m3-m2 Mg/m3
Average Value ps   Mg/m3

  Operator Checked Approved

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