BS 1377 Part 2 1990          
Particle Size Distribution (Hydrometer Sedimentation)
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 2:  1990: 9.6 Date
Method of preparation                  
Hydrometer no.       Pretreated with          
Meniscus correction  Cm       Initial dry mass of sample mo     g
Reading in dispersant   Ro       Dry mass after pretreatment m     g
Calibration equation hr = ..... - ..... Rh   Pretreatment loss   mo-m     g
Dry mass of soil                     m     g     %
Particle Density        
    measured/assumed *       ps     Mg/m3   D = 0.005531*sqrt(n*Hr)/(ps-1)t mm  
Viscosity of water......C *     mPa.s            
      K  =  ((100*ps)/(m*(ps-1))/Rd%      
   TEST DATA                  
Date Time Elapsed Time          t min Temp. T deg C Reading Rn' Rn'+Cm = Rh Effective depth      Hr mm Particle diameter D mm Rh'-Ro' =Rd Percentage finer than D  K%
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