BS 1377 Part 6 1990          
Hydraulic cell consolidation test - specimen data
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 6:  1990 :3.5,3.6,3.7,3.8 Date
Drainage conditions Vertical - one way/two way*  
      Radial   - outwards/inwards*              
Loading conditions: Free strain/equal strain*                
Pore pressure measurement location                  
Type of specimen undisturbed/compacted - dynamically/statistically*            
Preparation procedure                      
CELL DETAILS                        
External diameter   mm     Cell No.            
Thickness of peripheral drain* mm     Mass of cell + baseplate   g    
Internal height     mm     Mass of peripheral drain* g    
Thckness of top drainage disk* mm     Mass of top discs   g    
Thickness of loading plate* mm      
TEST SPECIMEN                      
Diameter     Dmm     Area       Amm2    
Top of cell to specimen   mm     Volume       Vocm3    
Height of cell     mm     Mass       mog    
Initial specimen height Ho       Density       pMg/m3    
Compacted Prepared soil   g     Moisture content   wo%    
Specimen Surplus soil g     Dry density     poMg/m3    
*   Mass of specimen g     Particle density     psMg/m3    
Initial degree of saturation S%       Initial void ratio     eo    
            Initially         After test    
Reference       Specimen     Specimen      
          in cell     in cell      
Container no.                        
Specimen + container   g                  
Container     g                  
Specimen     g mo       mf        
Dry specimen     g                  
Moisture     g                  
Moisture content   g                  
Average moisture content %     wo       wf    
SPECIMEN AFTER TEST Mean height         mm    
      Volume           cm3    
Mass           mfg    
Density           Mg/m3    
Moisture Content       wf%    
  Operator Checked Approved

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