BS 1377 Part 6 1990          
Triaxial cell permeability test
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 6:  1990: 6 Constant head permeability test in triaxial cell Date
Type of specimen   Undisturbed/compacted*        
Method of preparation        
Flow conditions     Vertical upwards/downwards*        
TEST SPECIMEN                  
Diameter D mm     Nominal effective stress     kPa    
Area   A mm2     Cell pressure     s3  kPa    
Length mm     Back pressure     p2  kPa    
Density   pMg/m3     Pressure difference     (p1 - p2) kPa    
Moisture Content %     Inlet pressure     p1 kPa    
Dry Density pMg/m3     Mean effective stress     kPa    
Method of saturation     s3 = s3 - 1/2(p1 + p2)          
          Hydraulic gradient          
Final  B value      
FLOW READINGS                  
Clock Elapsed Volume change indicator            
time Time inlet outlet Test temperature   0C
    reading difference reading difference Correction      
  t   Q1   Q2 factor Rt      
  min   mL   mL Remarks      
  0   0   0        

  Operator Checked Approved

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