BS 1377 Part 7 1990          
Shearbox Test - consolidation - specimen data
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method     BS1377: Part 7:  1990  5/15/94  4/5
Procedure 4.5.4/4.5.5/5.5.4/5.5.5
Machine no.         Type of specimen          
            undisturbed/compacted/loosely deposited*      
Preparation procedure                    
Weighings   g Initially After test Nominal dimensions      
Wet soil + cutter + tray* g         Length L1 mm        
Dry soil + cutter + tray* g           L2 mm        
Cutter + tray   g         Area A mm2        
Wet soil   g         Height H mm        
Dry soil     g         Volume V cm3        
Water     g         Particle          
Moisture content : measured        %         density psMg/m3        
       trimmings       %         Sketch showing specimen location    
Density     Mg/m3         in original sample  
Dry density   Mg/m3            
Voids ratio   e            
Degree of saturation %            
Initial mass              
  of disturbed soil* g            
Mass of soil remaining g            
Mass of specimen g                    
Shearbox details and setting up        
Top of box to top of baseplate h1 mm   Top of load cap above          
Top of box to top porous plate h2 mm   top of box, unloaded   h3 mm      
            Top of load cap above          
Combined thickness of plates tp mm   top of box, with yoke   h4 mm      
Sample thickness Ho = h1 - (h2+tp) mm   Settlement under loading yoke mm      
Mass of load hanger m1 kg     Initial reading of vertical        
Lever ratio r       deformation gauge   R1      
Mass on hanger m2 kg r* m2 = kg   Zero reading of gauge R0    
              = R1 +/- ( h3 - h4)          
Total mass on specimen   m kg    
Normal stress sn=9810m/A = kPa  
* Delete as appropriate                      

  Operator Checked Approved

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