BS 1377 Part 7 1990          
Shearbox Test - shearing - shearing
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 7:  1990  5/15/94  4/5*  Date
Type of test   Single stage/Multiple reversals*   Run no.      
Force device no.   Mean calibration Specimen size   Stress factor      
        N/division   x  mm         kPa/division
Machine no.     Rate of displacement      mm/min   Normal stress   kPa
Time Elapsed  Force Shear Horizontal displacement   Vertical deformation  
  time gauge stress                
    reading   Measured Cumulative gauge   cumulative
  min     kPa mm   mm   reading   mm  
Remarks     Sketches of                
    shear surfaces  
    at failure              
* Delete as appropriate                      
  Operator Checked Approved

                                                                                                                                        Form 7C