BS 1377 Part 7 1990          
Ring Shear Test
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method    BS1377: Part 7:  1990   6*  Date
Sample Preparation procedure                  
Machine no.     Torque arm radius R mm            
Distance between points of application of force rings L mm            
Weighings         Specimen dimensions      
Wet soil + cell   g     Inside radius r1 mm        
Cell     g     Outside radius r2 mm        
Wet soil   g     Mean radius r mm        
Moisture content from trimmings  %     Height   H mm        
Density     Mg/m3     Volume   2Pr(r2-r1)H    
            cm3 1000    
Dry Density   Mg/m3     Particle density Mg/m3    
Voids ratio   e     Measured/assumed    
Degree of saturation %            
Shear test                      
Single stage/Multiple stage*   Run no.     Normal stress   kPa  
Force device     A B Average      
Mean calibration                    
Displacement factor F mm/division                  
Time Elapsed Force device reading Angular D  =  qr d = D1 = Shear Stress Vertical  
  time       displ. 57.3 (A+B)Fr D - d t   deformation
    A B average q L      
  mm       deg mm mm mm kPa mm
* Delete as appropriate                    

  Operator Checked Approved

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