BS 1377 Part 7 1990          
Unconfined compression test
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 7:  1990  7.2  Date
Type of specimen Undisturbed/compacted*           Nominal diameter mm
Preparation procedure                      
Specimen details Initially   After test       Sketch showing specimen  
                    location in original sample  
Diameter D mm     Mass   g          
Area   Ao mm2     Dry mass g        
Length   Lo mm     Moisture          
Volume   cm3     Content %        
Mass   g                
Density   Mg/m3                      
Compression test
Machine no.       Rate of deformation         mm/min  
Force device no.         Mean calibration   Stress factor  
                  N/division     kPa/division
Deformation Compression Strain Force gauge Axial force   Corrected   Axial stress  
gauge   of specimen e = DL reading   p   area    
reading   DL   Lo       A =   Ao s1 = 1000P  
                  1-e   A  
    mm       N mm2 kPa    
Sketch of          
failure conditions       Maximum axial stress         kPa
inclination of       Axial strain at failure         %
shear surface                      
            Unconfined compressive strength qu     kPa
* Delete as appropriate                      
  Operator Checked Approved

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