BS 1377 Part 8 1990          
Consolidation drained triaxial compression test with measurement of volume change
Location Job Ref:
BH No.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method  BS1377: Part 8:  1990 Clause 8 Date
Pressure system no.     Membrane   Start compression     Failure Max.deviator stress   Nominal  s3'         kPa
Cell no.         Thickness     mm   Lc     mm Criterion* Max.stress ratio   Cell pressure         kPa
Machine no.       With/without*   Ac     mm2   Critical state   Machine speed         mm/min
Force device no.     side drains   Vc     cm2   Axial strain of     %   Rate of strain         % per h
Date Time Axial     Axial       Sample Volume   Area Deviator stress Principal stresses   A Stress Path*  
    Stain     Force               Coeff.      
    Reading DL e Reading Diff- Cr P Reading Diff- ev As (s1 - s3)m smb + sdr (s1 - s3) s1 s1' s3' Ratio u - uo s' t'
            erence       erence                 s1' / s3' s1 - s3    
      mm   R R-Ro N/div N R R-Ro   mm2 kPa kPa kPa kPa kPa kPa     kPa kPa
      0 0   0   0   0         0       1     0
*Delete as appropriate                                        
  Operator Checked Approved

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