Clay and Calcium Silicate Bricks  
Scheme       Location     Supplier     Operator    
Date Sampled     Date Tested     Lab. Number     Equipment Check    
Remarks     Test No    :     334/337     :      BS3921: 1985    
   DIMENSIONS Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Overall Mesurement of 24 bricks                        
  Specification 5085 - 5235 (mm) 2415 - 2505 (mm) 1515 - 1605  (mm)
Individual Brick Tolerance (Max) 225 (mm)       112.5 (mm)       75 (mm)      
  For Saturation (24 hrs) Date Frog Filling (24 hrs) Date For 2nd Saturation (3days) Date  
  Time in Tank Time on Floor Time in Tank  
  Date Date Date  
  Time out Tank Time off Floor Time out Tank  
  Brick No.     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10      
     mm Width                          
Cross Section Area of bedface (mm^2)                            
  COMPRESSION STRENGTH                          
   Maximum Load (n)                            
  Compressive Strength N/mm^2                          
For drying (48hrs) Date For Boiling (5hrs) Time start Cooling  Finish Time Mean of 10 results  
  Time in Oven Time Finish (16-19hrs)  
  Date Date =  
  Time out of Oven  
Wt of Dried Specimen (A)         g                          
Wt of Wet Specimen    (B)         g                          
Wt of Absorbed Water (B-A)    g                          
Water Absorption ((B-A)/A)*100                          
  1. Report Compressive Strength to nearest 0.1 N/mm^2 Mean of 10 results =                                      n/mm^2  
  2. Report Water Absorption to nearest 0.1%  
  3. Report Dimensions to nearest 1mm Signed                                                                       Senior Technician