Clay Paving Blocks    
Scheme       Lab. Number      
Location       Date Sampled     Equipment Check    
Source       Date Tested     Calibration Check    
Description       Operator      
Test No: 338  :  BS6677 : 1986  
DIMENSIONS Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)  
Overall measurement of 24 pavers =                
Type PA Specification =   24.35L-23.65L 24.44W-23.56W 24.69T-23.30T  
Type PB Specification =   24.26L-23.74L 24.33W-23.67W 24.52T-23.48T  
Where     L = work size (length)        refer to table 4 : BS6677  
  W = work size (width) Soaking - Time in Tank:-   Time out:-    
  T = work size (thickness) Date :-   Date :-    
  24 hrs @ 20 deg +/- 5 deg C  
Sample No.                    
Load at Failure (kn)                    
Mean Load (kn                    
Type PA Spec.   Min. Mean Transverse Load                 3.0 min     Min. Indiviual Load                                2.0 min  
Type PB Spec.     7.0 min         4.0 min    
  Notes:-  1. Report Dimensions to Nearest 1 mm  
                2. Report Transverse Load to nearest 0.1 kn  
  Checked by       Senior Technician