Pre-Cast Concrete Kerbs    
Scheme       Lab. Number      
Location       Date Sampled                 Equipment Check      
Source       Date Tested                 Calibration Check      
Description       Operator        
Test No: 307/335/336  :  BS 7263 : 1994  
    Sample 1 Sample 2   Sample 3
Length           (mm)                        
Mean of 12                 Spec +/- 3mm individual  
Width             (mm)                        
Mean of 12                 Spec +/- 3mm individual      
Height            (mm)                          
Mean of 6                   Spec +/- 3mm individual      
TRANSVERSE LOAD                      
Load at Failure kN                        
Drying (72+/-2) Time in               Dessicator(24+/-0.5) Time in          Cube Tank Time in    
  Date   Date      
  Time Out   Time Out          (30+/-0.5 Min) Time Out    
  Date   Date      
Wt of Soaked Sample                        
B        (g)                        
Wt of Dry Sample                        
A        (g)                        
Wt of Absorbed water   (B-A) .                      
% Absoprtion    ((B-A)/A)*100                      
                Spec : refer to table 7.      
Notes:- 1 Report Dimensions to nearest 1mm  
  2 Report Transvers load to 0.1 kn  
  3 Report Absorption to 0.1%  
  Checked by       Senior Technician