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Laboratory Test Sheet
Density by Immersion in water
BS 1377 : Part 2 : 1990

BS 1377 : Part 2 : 1990
Density by immersion in water
Location   Job ref.
Borehole/Pit no.
Soil descriptionn      Sample No  
Group Depth m   
Date Format
Test method  BS1377: Part 2:  1990: 7.3
Density of wax used (Pp) = Mg/m3            
Sample refernce    
Mass of Soil sample(ms)   g 
Mass of specimen after filling air voids(mf) g 
Mass of specimen after Waxing (mw ) g 
Mass of Wax (mp = (mw - mf)) g
Apparent mass of waxed specimen suspended in water (mg) g 
Volume of Specimen                    
(Vs) = (mw - mg) - ((mp)/Pp)   cm3
Bulk Density p = Ms/Vs   Mg/m3
Moisture Content                
Moisture Content Container No.    
Moisture Content  (w)    %
Dry Density pd = 100p/(100+w) Mg/m3
      Operator     Checked Approved
  Form 2H