Laboratory Test Sheet
Particle Size Distribution (Pipette Sedimentation)
BS 1377 : Part 2 : 1990

    BS 1377 : Part 2 : 1990        
Particle Size Distribution (Pipette Sedimentation)    
Location Job ref.
  Borehole/Pit no.
Soil Description Sample No.
Test method                   BS1377: Part 2:  1990: 9.7 Date
Method of preparation    
Pipette No Pretreated with
Volume of Pipette mL Initial dry mass of sample                       mo      g  
 SAMPLE DATA Dry mass after pretreatment                    mg  
Dry Mass of Soil Pretreatment loss                                   mo-m g  
Particle Density Mg/m3 %  
K   =   (W1 etc - Wr) * 100
Viscosity of Water...C* mPa.s m
D = 0.005531 * sqrt((n*Hr)/(ps-1)t) mm* At 25deg C, D = 0.05221*sqrt((ps-1)t)
Pipette sample ref. Dispersant only
Elapsed Time min  
Temperature degC  
Bottle No g  
Mass of Bottle + Solids g    
Mass of Bottle g    
Mass of Solids in Vp1 etc       g mr
Mass of Solids 500mL  W1 etc g wr
Mass of Soil in 500mL  W1 etc, - Wr    
Particle Diameter mm    
Percentage finer than D %    
* Delete as necessary    
Operator Checked Approved