BS 1377 : Part 4 : 1990
Dry density/moisture content relationship (rammer)
Location         Job ref.      
          Borehole/Pit no.    
Soil description         Sample No.    
          Depth     m
Test method  BS1377: Part 4:  1990: 3.3/3.4/3.5/3.6* Date      
Procedure   2.5/4.5kg* hand/mechanical rammer*          
  ____________layers____________blows per layer  
  One litre/CBR* mould Volume of mould (V) cm3
  Single sample/separate batches*          
Initial sample mass   g Particle density     Mg/m3
Retained on 20mm/37.5mm* sieve g   %      
Test number                
Mass of mould+base+compacted g          
  specimen (m2)            
Mass mould+base (m1)   g          
Mass compacted specimen (m2-m1) g          
Bulk density     Mg/m3          
Moisture content container No.            
Moisture content  (w)   %          
Dry density     Mg/m3          
*Delete as appropriate              
      Maximum dry density     Mg/m3
  Optimum moisture content     %
dry density Mg/m3  
  Moisture Content %            
      Operator   Checked   Approved  
  Form 4A