BS 1377 : Part 4 : 1990
California Bearing Ratio Test (data for density)
Location             Job ref.      
              Borehole/Pit no.    
Soil description           Sample No.    
              Depth     m
Sample prep. method  BS1377: Part 4:  1990: 7.2.3/7.2.4/7.2.5*        
Preparation procedure   Static,______________layer(s), with/without tamping*  
    2.5 kg rammer/ 4.5 kg rammer/ vibrating hammer*    
    Specified density*      Volume of mould Specified effort*  
    ________Mg/m3   V________cm3 _______layers  
                _______blows per layer
*Calculated mass of soil required (m1)       g      
*Mass of mould + baseplate + soil (m3)       g      
*Mass of mould + baseplate (m2)       g      
*Mass of soil (m3-m1)           g      
*Soaking time           days      
*Time for water to appear at top of sample            
*Final swell             mm      
*Mass of mould + baseplate + soil after soaking (m4)   g      
*Mass of soil after soaking (m4-m2)       g      
Maximum bearing ratio from plotting chart       %      
Bulk density (unsoaked) *P=m1/V     Mg/m3  
Moisture content (w)           %      
*Dry density (unsoaked)                
Pd=100P/(100+w)           Mg/m3    
*Delete as appropriate                  
            Operator Checked Approved
Form 4E