BS 1377 : Part 5 : 1990
Consolidation test - specimen details            
Location       Job ref.      
        Borehole/Pit no.    
Soil description       Sample No.    
    Depth     m
Test method                 BS1377: Part 5:  1990          
Cell No.   Particle density    
Ring No.     measured/assumed*   mg/m3
Dimension    Initial    Overall     Final      Specimen  
     specimen    change    specimen    Preparation Method
Diameter     Dmm        
Area           Amm2          
Height         Hmm   Ho    
Volume       Vcm3              
Weightings   Initial Specimen        Final specimen  
    (a)    (b)      (c)    
Wet soil + ring + tray
Dry Soil + ring + tray g        
Ring + tray g            
Wet Soil g mo mo        
Dry Soil g            
Water g   md   md    
Moisture Content (measured)             %            
Moisture content (from trimmings)      % Wo          
Density Mg/m3            
Dry density Mg/m3            
Voids ratio   eo          
Degree of saturation % So          
Height of solids Hs mm            
*Delete as appropriate              
(a) Using moisture content from trimmings    
(b) Using data from (a) and (c)    
(c) Data from specimen after test            
Operator   Checked Approved
Form 5A