Laboratory Test Sheet
In-situ density test (water replacement method) - BS 1377 : Part 5 : 1990
In-situ density test (water replacement method)
Location Job ref.
Borehole/Pit no.
Soil description Sample No.
Depth excavated
Group/Type Date Form
Test method                
  BS1377: Part 9:  1990 2.3
Ring diameter Depth of hole mm (if specified:Yes/No*)
Volume of test hole Wet mass of material
1. Surface correction Depth Material + drum 1   kg
Initial volume of water in ring above Drum 1 Material
prepared surface   Material + drum 2   kg
(Ri) Drum 2 Material
2. Test hole + ring   Material + drum 3   kg
Final volume of water in hole Drum 3 Material
and density ring L Material + drum 4   kg
(Rf) Drum 4 Material
(Alternative: hole + ring-oversize   L
material (Rp) Wet mass of total material (mw)  kg
3. Total volume of test hole: m3    
Vh = Rf - Ri
Moisture content Mass and volume of oversize material
Container no: Specified size limit    BS Sieve
Mass of wet soil + container g Container no.
Mass of dry soil + container g Method of separation:
Mass of container  g    
Mass of moisture  g Mass of oversize material (ms)  Kg
Mass of dry soil  g Volume of oversize material (vs)  m3
For total material
Moisture content (w)  %
For smaller than specified size
Moisture content (wp)  %
For total material : For material finer than specified limit:  
  (a) Where oversize material replaced in hole:  
Bulk density (p) = mw = Dry density =  mw - ms 100
    Vh * 1000     Mg/m3     Rp-Ri 100 + Wp   Mg/m3
  (b) Where volume oversize material obtained separately
Dry density (pd) = p*1000   Dry density = mw - ms 100
    100 + w     Mg/m3     Vh - Vs 100 + Wp   Mg/m3
Operator Checked Approved
* Delete as appropriate
Form 9B