Laboratory Test Sheet
In-situ density test (core cutter method) - BS 1377 : Part 5 : 1990

In-situ density test (core cutter method)
Location Job ref.
Soil description Sample No.
Group/Type Date Form
Test method                
  BS1377: Part 8:  1990 2.4 
Length of core cutter: mm
Diameter of Core Cutter mm
Volume of core cutter (Vc) cm3
Test no.
Mass of core cutter and wet soil (ms) g
Mass of core cutter (mc) g
Mass if wet soil  (ms - mc) g
Bulk density p =  (ms - mc) /  Vc   Mg/m3
Moisture content container no.  
Moisture content %
Dry density pd =  100 p / (100 + w) Mg/m3
Operator Checked Approved