Licensed under the MIT License

This component may be obtained, modified and distributed free of charge for personal as well as commercial use. Please see the license for the complete terms and exact wording.

2006-01-08: First public version released.
2006-01-10: Fixed bug in automatic range calculation.
Also added explicit cast to float for stacked series.
2006-04-16: Updated CanvasChartPainter to use the ExplorerCanvas ie emulation layer instead of the, now deprecated, IECanvas one.
Added jsgraphics painter by Ma Bingyao.
2006-08-28: Updated bundled ExplorerCanvas to support printing in IE.


In web applications developed now days a lot of the logic that previously resided on the server side is now being implemented on the client side. This is especially true for information presentation, components such as trees and columnlist makes it possible for users to interact with the application, or web site if you wish, without contacting the server. However the ability to present data in a graphic rather than textual format has been quite limited, unless a plugin is used or an image is requested from the server.

That's where this component comes in to place, it allows various forms of charts to be created, without any additional plugin, and without using images.

Chart Types

A few different chart types are supported and they can be combined in a variety of configurations even in the same chart. The following types are supported:

SVG Demo (mozilla/opera only)
JsGraphics Demo

Author: Emil A Eklund